Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pain Touches Us All…

In last night’s lecture I cannot for a minute pretend I understood all of which was said. I can however state that I found it to be very interesting. Although I do not speak Greek, Italian or otherwise I can connect with what was said on some level. That level is that I could hear through her intonation a level of anguish and pain, as can be detected in virtually any language. Dr. Frank was very intense in her descriptions of the various texts and I often found myself trying to keep up. I simply found myself just closing my eyes as she spoke in the various languages of the texts. It was delightful to listen to, I never really heard someone speak Greek or something like it. The way the words flowed sounded like water flowing over a river or something like it in the sense that it was soothing to listen to. It was quite a different tone than I was expecting but none the less insightful and entertaining. One thing she did say and I quote “when there is force there is pain” I found very interesting. I would generally say that upon reflection of what she said that I would agree with it. In my opinion whenever someone is forced into something they generally fall into a state of stress, which in turn can cause pain on some level. This obviously can manifest itself as both physical and mental anguish for that person. Funny enough we have learned throughout this course that pain can also manifest itself by an unseen force. So it is as though many of us don’t even know when it’s coming. This notion in my opinion is pretty scary, how can we ever learn to deal with pain if we can’t even see it coming, we would never be able to anticipate it. Overall I thought that this lecture was a lot different than our other lectures but at the same time very helpful in further understanding yet another facet of pain. It has been a great run.

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