Sunday, April 19, 2009

Kikes and Coons

So let me just start off by saying I thought this was a highly intelligent film. The reason being is that it was so carefully planned out that while I say there watching I had a difficult time ascertaining what was fictional from reality. That alone made this a powerful film, and I must say scary as well. We live in a nation based on a certain set of beliefs, and this movie in my mind challenged some of those. What honestly struck me most was the racial aspect the film brought to light. Some of the things I just couldn’t believe. The example of some of the commercials that they showed portraying just blatant racism was astounding and just ridiculous. I mean to think we as a nation actually allowed things like that to be aired on television back then. One of my best friends that I have known since the 9th grade is black. I look at him as if he was my brother and in his eyes I am nothing but the same back. The sheer stupidity of racism is appalling. In all Seriousness, just because certain members of a conceived racial profile might not be the smartest or do the right things don’t make an entire race such. There are plenty of bad people of all races. There are not so bright Asians and whites. There are extremely intelligent blacks and Hispanics. To label an entire race based on a few is wrong. I have dated several black women for instance, and I remember what it was like going out or publicly displaying affection with them. It was like there was something everyone around us was transfixed on. Some like unspoken taboo or some crazy thing. Then we have the Jews. I’m Jewish and although for some reason people don’t think I “look Jewish” I don’t think that’s very good at times. When people think that I am not Jewish they often don’t think twice before they make a remark against Jews. I may not be very religious but it’s as if I am classified as a white person and then as a Jew. Not simply a white Jew but those things are separate. Imagine what I use to hear people say when I the Jew was dating a Jamaican. It wasn’t very nice. The Coon Chicken Inn was probably one of the saddest things I have ever seen. It was pitiful just simply pitiful. People should get their heads out of their asses and realize we are all people, who are just like every other living creature, animals. I don’t see a white hamster having a problem with a black hamster…. Does anyone else? We really all need to grow up….

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