Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pain by the Mile

Now this last lecture was interesting. I have often found myself glued to the television as some seemingly insane person decides to run a marathon of sorts. I can say that I enjoy watching them, their faces, expressing every imaginable facet of pain. How do they do it? Why in the world do they do it? I often wonder how anyone could ever dream of doing such. Now granted, I am a personal trainer and can appreciate wanting to take your body to the next level and to attempt to achieve the impossible with it. However, I hate running, in fact I detest it. That is of course, one person’s opinion. I’m certain that there are plenty of people who just can’t wait to go out and enjoy the weather and run till their hearts are content with it. That just isn’t me. In my opinion just watching them is a painful experience all in itself. I watched last week as the people in the race simply collapsed because their bodies refused to go on. You know, when your body actually has to go into auto shut down I think it’s time for someone to listen to what their body is telling them. Now what I can say is that from a trainer’s perspective that I not healthy. What those people put themselves through isn’t healthy. Every single individual from the video was basically emaciated to the point that physical activity of that caliber was simply not wise. When the body has deteriorated to that level one needs to pick up some calories, in all seriousness they need to stuff themselves. Personally, why anyone would want to subject themselves to such insanity is beyond my comprehension, and I myself would never advise it. To make a joke, even as the people crossed that finish line they certainly didn’t even appear to be happy. In fact they seemed to be downright miserable. After the lecture we had a discussion regarding the lecture and I could tell not many people had much to say, including myself. When I talked to some of my peers they all agreed that there wasn’t much else to discuss in terms of further conversation regarding the matter. Although I found the subject matter of the lecture to be interesting I really didn’t have much to expand upon, and I believe no one else did either. Until next week….

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