Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Push by Sapphire

Although it was a painfully short read, I was so completely enthralled with the story that I finished it in one sitting. This book is without a doubt one of the most powerful books I have ever read. Its subject matter went far beyond popping anyone’s safety bubble, at least in my opinion. It was so raw, and harsh I often found myself thinking huh, what the hell was that only to have to reread a previous statement or paragraph. It was emotionally nerve wrecking to read, and really painted a picture of this poor unfortunate soul’s life. Much of the book centralized on her lack of intelligence and aptitude to “push” which culminated in perfect synchrony to the actual style of writing. The misuse and grammatical errors simply made the book that much more engaging to me. Although obscenely graphic at some points I felt it was used as a tool to give an overall tone to the book. Her level of detailed description, although crude and unpolished, invoked very deep feelings. It was hard to read some parts, yet at the same time I didn’t exactly want to stop. All of the sexual abuse was eerily fascinating in its own right. For someone to tell of such horrors is truly courageous. The difficult part to stomach was the knowledge that during her early years she didn’t have the mental resources to get her messages out there, only prolonging her internal suffering. I also found it a bit astounding to read something that was so unlike the norm when it comes to traditional text. I am always use to the big fancy words usage of well known authors that at times over embellish their writings to the point that their main points are shrouded, making them even harder to comprehend. With this book however, I found that her points were so easily conveyed even if at times I had difficulty reading this book, because of the way it was written. This book was very powerful and it made me think of just how terrible the lives of some people really are, that these people are really out there in the world, right under my nose.

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